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We aim at developing confortable interfaces with considering usability and any entertaining factors. Our research topics are, for example, new augmented reality games, communication between people in game, composition assistant system and file recommender system.


[1] Tablet System for Sensing and Visualizing Statistical Profiles of Multi-party Conversation
In face-to-face multi-party conversation, someone speaks more often or less than others. We cannot obtain enough information from those who speaks less than others. Moreover, sometimes one speaks too much, and it tends to be a one-way conversation. Our study aims to support the motivation of participants and enhance communication.
We develop a tablet system that measures information about who, when, and where individual utterance occurs, and also obtains their histories by using front and back cameras and a microphone of a tablet each participant has. The system provides visual feedbacks about a current speaker and participants' cumulative time of speaking/watching by integrating the information of each participant. We consider this visualization may motivate participants, for example, to speak to someone who has not talked with them so much. Additionally, not just visualizing, we are exploring ways of enhancing communication by introducing a game element into the conversation.


[2] AR Card Game System based on Information Control by User-specific View
We propose new entertainment system based on Augmented Reality (AR) which overlays virtual objects on real world. We believe physical contacts in real world are important in plays. However, people can only receive the same information in real world. AR can control the quality or quantity of information according to a context and it allows multiple players to see the view individually. Although 2D onnline games can allow the players to see the different information individually, they cannot give physical contacts. We developed AR Concentration system as an example. This system can provide the players with luck and tactical opportunities of victory and defeat. The players can experience new ways to play of Concentration. We had user studies and the results indicate the availability for entertainment.

[3] Interface for Organizing Paragraph Logically in Composition
There are a lot of opportunities to write reports and/or research papers. To write sentences logically, people have to define the meaning of sentence and consider the relation of sentences. This tasks take much time. Therefore, we propose an interface that give the users advices for constructuring the meaning and the relation of sentences correctly. In the future, we will improve the system so that it can give the users advices with concerete examples.

[4] File Recommender System in Desktop Environment
People often need the PC files that they made or Web pages that they visited. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to memory all the addresses of those files and pages. However, we research the file recommender system to search and tell the files and pages that a users need. This system logs the user's activities and operations. Because identification o information that a user need takes much time, we study to find them quickly. The idea is to use importance, time, operations and modes per a file and a page as search information.


Assistant Professor Seiko Myojin ( seiko [] )
M2 Hiroyuki Adachi ( adachi [] )
B4 Akimune Haruna ( haruna [] )