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arm.gifTo take an object like a drink in a refrigerator is often difficult physically for elderly and disabled people. Sometimes, such actions cause accidents. Therefore, we aim to develop a service robot that can take an object in a refrigerator and pass a person it by a robot hand and a srobot arm. We control the three-fingers robot hand that consists of the nine actuators (motors) and the six-freedom robot arm that consist of the six-joint as shown in right figure. In the future, we will add the robot hand and the robot arm to a mobile robot.


[1]Implementation for Fundemental Behavior of Robot Arm

A robot arm should move quickly and in safety. In addition, trajectories of the robot arm need to be generated according to each of works. For such movement of the robot arm, we aim to generate the trajectories automatically by checking collisions against the arm's sensor so that the arm can pass a user an object and put it on a table etc. quickly and in safety.

[2]Implementation for Grip Control of a Robot Hand
To hold an object needs to change forces and shapes by a robot hand according to the object's shapes and qualities. Therefore, We generate various gripping shapes.If the robot can confirm the weight and solidity before gripping, it can hold various objects as well as cans and plastic bottles. However, it is impossible to hold appropriate objects because of the same hold posuture. We try to change the hold posuture according to the shapes of the objects.


B4 Hiroya Fukuhara ( fukuhara [at] )